Friday, September 13, 2019

Booknotes: The Battle of Shiloh - The Union Armies (2 Vols.)

New Arrival:
The Battle of Shiloh - The Union Armies - 6 April 1862 - Vol I and The Battle of Shiloh - The Union Armies - 7 April 1862 - Vol II by Lanny K. Smith (Author, 2018-19).

Lanny Smith, the author of The Stone's River Campaign: 26 December 1862 - 5 January 1863: The Union Army (2008) and The Stone's River Campaign: 26 December 1862 - 5 January 1863: Army of Tennessee (2010), as well as the 2012 study Morgan's Cavalry 1861-1862, has now brought the same manner of attention to the Union forces at Shiloh.

From the author: "For the past six years I have been working on the battle of Shiloh and the Union forces engaged. The result is two volumes, closely mirroring the methodology used with Stone's River. Volume I covers the first day of battle with 692 pages. Volume II covers the second day of battle with 653 pages, and also includes appendices with army organization, casualties, and sketches of all commanders and their commands down to and including the regimental level. Both volumes will be identical in size, appearance, and construction as with Stone's River volumes."

Vol I covers the Union campaign from origins through the end of Shiloh Day 1. There are 58 maps. Vol. II covers the second day of battle and the action at Fallen Timbers. It includes 21 maps and also houses the extensive appendix section referenced above.

There is no website for the book so I've included the ordering information supplied by the author below.

***Limited edition of 274***
(Inquire about availability before ordering)
2 Volume Set @ $120
Plus Shipping (for US buyers) $10
Total: $130

Payment by check or money order.

Mail Payment To:
Lanny K. Smith
697 Redbud Lane
Jasper, TX 75951



  1. Drew: Thanks for the "heads up" on this. I bought the Stones River Union volume and it is an excellent resource (of course, if it falls out the window it will produce a crater ten feet deep).

    1. Be sure to bend at the knees when lifting the box the set is shipped in!

  2. Drew, I have been in communication with Mr. Smith over the last week.
    I bought the above mentioned 2 volume Series on the Union Armies at Shiloh Just a heads up for your readers, per Mr. Smith he is now turning to working on writing about the Confederate Armies about Shiloh. Obviously no expected timeline on completion yet. However as always when researching the Confederate side of things he notes the more challenging aspects of such research due to fewer reports and records, first hand accounts, etc. I am in awe of Mr. Smith's work(s) of which I have all. Truly speaks to his passion and labor of love and to take a different path by self publishing so he can tell the story the way he wants to without a publisher chopping and watering the bejeezus out of the final product. Curt Thomasco

    1. Hi Curtis,
      I was equally delighted to find that he was turning his attention to the armies at Shiloh, one of my favorite topics. I certainly respect how he goes about it, too. Even with the best work there are always minuses with self-publishing, but I agree with you that there would be no other way to do it without acceding to massive concessions that would likely distort his vision beyond recognition.

  3. Just sent my check!

    Chris Van Blargan


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