Saturday, May 9, 2020

Book News: Into Tennessee and Failure

This is the time of year for the Fall-Winter catalogs to display their wares, and it looks like readers won't have too long to wait for the second half of Stephen Davis's incisive reexamination of John Bell Hood's Civil War generalship. You might recall that I liked Texas Brigadier to the Fall of Atlanta: John Bell Hood quite a bit. Neither ardent Hood apologist nor old school excoriator, Davis has produced what I believe to be the best balanced treatment to date of Hood's battlefield leadership through September 1864. Set for an early November release through Mercer University Press, Davis's concluding volume Into Tennessee and Failure: John Bell Hood will guide readers through North Georgia, northern Alabama, Middle Tennessee, and the disastrous end of both the Army of Tennessee and Hood's military career. I'm looking forward to reading what Davis has to say about Spring Hill, Franklin, and Nashville.

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