Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Coming Soon (December '20 Edition)

*NEW RELEASES* - Scheduled for DEC 2020:

Storm Over Key West: The Civil War and the Call of Freedom by Mike Pride.
First for the Union: Life and Death in a Civil War Army Corps from Antietam to Gettysburg by Darin Wipperman.
Changing Sides: Union Prisoners of War Who Joined the Confederate Army by Pat Garrow.
Bullets and Bandages: The Aid Stations and Field Hospitals at Gettysburg by James Gindlesperger.

Comments: The pandemic gave us a uniquely skimpy Q4 this year. The optimist in me wants to believe that it is just the case that many publishers are throwing in the towel for the remainder of awful 2020 and preparing for a bigger and better 2021. This tiny group of winter stalwarts does look pretty interesting, though. Enjoy your long Thanksgiving weekend.

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