Sunday, September 26, 2021

Coming Soon (October '21 Edition)

**NEW RELEASES1** Scheduled for OCT 2021:

Rebel Correspondent by Steve Procko.
The USS Tecumseh in Mobile Bay: The Sinking of a Civil War Ironclad by David Smithweck.
Rites of Retaliation: Civilization, Soldiers, and Campaigns in the American Civil War by Lorien Foote.
Decisions at Perryville: The Twenty-Two Critical Decisions That Defined the Battle by Larry Peterson.
The Cacophony of Politics: Northern Democrats and the American Civil War by Matthew Gallman.
To Address You as My Friend: African Americans' Letters to Abraham Lincoln edited by Jonathan White.
Voices of the Army of the Potomac: Personal Reminiscences of Union Veterans by Vincent Burns.

Comments: The Procko book is out already, and the Booknotes entry for it will appear soon. It's funny how quickly October went from the first or second busiest month for Civil War releases to mostly a placeholding reservoir for early publication dates. By the time the spooky season actually arrives, the shortlist of survivors is akin to a battle line that took a buck and ball volley at ten yards.

1 - These monthly release lists are not meant to be exhaustive compilations of non-fiction releases. They do not include non-revised/expanded reprints of previously published books, special editions not distributed to reviewers, and digital-only titles. Works that only tangentially address the war years are also generally excluded. Inevitably, one or more titles on this list will get a rescheduled release (and they do not get repeated later), so revisiting the past few "Coming Soon" posts is the best way to pick up stragglers.

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