Saturday, November 26, 2022

Coming Soon (December '22 Edition)

**NEW RELEASES1** Scheduled for DEC 2022:

Union General: Samuel Ryan Curtis and Victory in the West by William Shea.
Small but Important Riots: The Cavalry Battles of Aldie, Middleburg, and Upperville by Robert O'Neill.
Contemners and Serpents: The James Wilson Family Civil War Correspondence ed. by Theodore Fuller and Thomas Knight.
From Binghamton to the Battlefield: The Civil War Letters of Rollin B. Truesdell by Amy Truesdell.
Letters to Lizzie: The Story of Sixteen Men in the Civil War and the One Woman Who Connected Them All ed. by James Scythes.
The Lion And The Fox: Two Rival Spies and the Secret Plot to Build a Confederate Navy by Alexander Rose.
From the Mountains to the Bay: The War in Virginia, January-May 1862 by Ethan Rafuse.
The Eighth Connecticut Volunteer Infantry in the Civil War by William Liska and Kim Perlotto.
Abraham Lincoln and His Times: A Sourcebook on His Life, His Presidency, Slavery and Civil War comp. and ed. by Thomas Ebert and Allen Carden.
Gettysburg!: Fast Facts for Kids and Families by Gregory Christianson.
Gettysburg in Color, Volume 1: Brandy Station to the Peach Orchard by Patrick Brennan and Dylan Brennan.

Comments: The first three titles in this list have been released early. I've already received the book edited by Fuller and Knight [see the 11/22 Booknotes post], and review copies of the Shea and O'Neill books will hopefully arrive within the next couple weeks or so. If the latter sounds familiar to you, it is indeed the latest updating of a classic entry from the H.E. Howard series.

1 - These monthly release lists are not meant to be exhaustive compilations of non-fiction releases. They do not include non-revised/expanded reprints of previously published books, special editions not distributed to reviewers, and digital-only titles. Works that only tangentially address the war years are also generally excluded. Inevitably, one or more titles on this list will get a rescheduled release (and they do not get repeated later), so revisiting the past few "Coming Soon" posts is the best way to pick up stragglers.