Monday, September 19, 2005

Red River Roundup - Part 3

War Along the Bayous: The Red River Campaign in Louisiana by William Riley Brooksher is another sub-250 page overview book. The focus is more on military events and less on economic and political subjects, but the level of military analysis and detail provided does not exceed that previously seen with Ludwell Johnson (see Part 1). The influence of Johnson is clearly felt here and War Along the Bayous even uses Johnson's maps (a notable exception is Ted Savas' map of the Battle of Yellow Bayou). It isn't a bad book and is a fine introductory volume, it's just an unnecessary exercise for the experienced reader as it adds little if any original content or analysis.

1 comment:

  1. Drew,

    I just picked up Brooksher's book, and I have had the book of essays for awhile. I never wanted to read that until I got one of the overviews of the campaign.



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