Wednesday, September 7, 2005


Greetings and thank you visiting my new web log dealing with Civil War books and publishing. My name is Drew Wagenhoffer and I am an avocational Civil War enthusiast, researcher, and book reviewer whose primary interest lies in battle histories of the West and Trans-Mississippi theaters of the American Civil War. This blog's main feature will be discussions of the Civil War books, authors, publishers, and booksellers that interest me. Additionally, I plan to frequently feature many of the deserving books from smaller presses that are never reviewed in print or electronic media and briefly profile underappreciated authors and publishers.


  1. Drew,

    Good luck with the new site. It already looks very promising.

    Brett S.

  2. Drew,

    Good luck w/ your new site. I found it through Technorati.
    I enjoyed your fresh perspective on Patterson and 1st Manassas. I was at that battlefield last week while on an Ed Bearss' tour of Second Manassas.
    I am going to start blogging this weekend as I embark on my first CW book publishing journey and will be sharing some of my insights along the way.
    P.S. I think there are some quirks w/ the Blogger system, e.g., I clicked on "Blogger" to respond and had difficulty signing up. I then hit "Other" but am showing up in the Preview as "Anonymous." It looks like we may both be learning about the nuances of blogging!


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