Monday, January 23, 2006

Brady and the walrus

Dimitri's posting today about the the work of photographer Matthew Brady, reminding me of an anecdote told by William Styple during the Booktv program a few weeks ago dealing with his book Generals in Bronze. If I recall the story correctly, the artist James E. Kelly was friends with Brady, who related an interesting story to him. A certain U.S. member of Congress proposed that the federal government purchase Brady's CW plate collection for $25,000. The motion passed but it was (politely?) demanded from Brady that he pay half the amount to the good, honest public servant who made the proposal in Congress. Anyone want to guess who this person was? The name was omitted from later interview draft notes, but Styple found the originals and the incorruptible personage was revealed there as none other than Benjamin Butler.

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  1. Good one.

    (p.s. I've found a source I can query about my Brady numbers.)


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