Friday, January 20, 2006

Twin Commonwealth Publishers

Twin Commonwealth Publishers, a joint effort by Jeff Weaver and Randall Osborne, looks to be a useful resource for those individuals looking for inexpensive reprints of rare OP histories as well as original works. I don't have any personal experience ordering a book through this company, but the home page explains how the publisher operates:

"We take old texts, scan them, clean them up, create an index if the book warrants one. We then upload them to, a Print on Demand provider. When you select one of our titles, and make payment through Lulu’s secure server, a copy is printed, and mailed directly to you in a sturdy carton. The whole process takes about 10 days from order to receipt of your books. Each order is custom crafted at Lulu’s facilities in the United States."

A glance through the Summer 2005 catalog (it appears to be the most current) reveals a wide range of subject matter, including a number of intriguing Civil War titles. I was amused by:

The Mistakes of Grant. By William S. Rosecrans. 1883. William Starke Rosecrans answers criticism of his action in the Chickamauga/Chattanooga campaign in the fall of 1863 in this tract, placing blame on others and defending his own record. This booklet, despite the title, never mentions Grant. American Civil War. Full index and illustrations added to the original text. 36 pages $5.95

Among the others, a volume by Weaver dealing with the Kentucky State Guard caught my eye. I think I'll be checking back with this site frequently.


  1. Cool stuff, Drew. I ordered the Duke work on Morgan's Raid for my next book project. I wouldn't have known about this otherwise.

    Thanks the exceptionally useful tip.


  2. That's what I'm here for! glad you found it of use. if you would, let us know how long it takes to arrive.


  3. Drew,

    Sure, happy to do so.



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