Saturday, February 25, 2006

Ed Bearss' Trans-Mississippi work

After finishing listening to yesterday's Civil War Talk Radio interview with Edwin Cole Bearss, I lamented to myself how few (if any) interviewers ask him about his considerable work on the war in the Trans-Mississippi theater. Mr. Bearss is largely responsible for my primary interest in this front. His writings, in the form of numerous books and journal articles, are prodigious and, although much of it was written around the Centennial period, large stretches have not been revisited since that time. Many of his journal articles have a book study level of detail along with more (and better) maps than you find in most current CW histories.

I've provided a selected book and article list below organized by state:

Bearss, Edwin C. The Battle of Wilson's Creek. Fourth edition. Springfield: Wilson's Creek National Battlefield Foundation, 1992. 170p.

Bearss, Edwin C. "Army of the Frontier's First Campaign: The Confederates Win at Newtonia." Missouri Historical Review 60 (April 1966): 283-319.

Bearss, Edwin C. “The Battle of Helena, July 4, 1863.” Arkansas Historical Quarterly, XX (Autumn 1961), 25 6-297.

Bearss, Edwin C. “The Battle of the Post of Arkansas.” Arkansas Historical Quarterly, XVIII (Autumn 1959), 237-279.

Bearss, Edwin C. "Confederate Action Against Fort Smith Post: Early 1864.” Arkansas Historical Quarterly, XXIX (Autumn 1970), 226-252.

Bearss, Edwin C. “The Confederate Attempt to Regain Fort Smith, 1863.” Arkansas Historical Quarter4’, XXVIII (Winter 1969), 342-380.

Bearss, Edwin C. “Federal Generals Squabble Over Fort Smith Post, 1863- 1864.” Arkansas Historical Quarterly, XXIX (Summer 1970), 119-15.1.

Bearss, Edwin C. “The Federals Capture Fort Smith, 1863.” Arkansas Historical Quarterly, XXVIII (Summer 1969), 156-190.

Bearss, Edwin C. “The Federals Raid Van Buren and Threaten Fort Smith.” Arkansas Historical Quarterly, XXVI (Summer 1967), 123-142.

Bearss, Edwin C. “The Federals Struggle to Hold on to Fort Smith.” Arkansas Historical Quarterly, XXIV (Summer 1965), 149-179.

Bearss, Edwin C. “Fort Smith Serves General McCulloch as a Supply Depot.” Arkansas Historical Quarterly, XXIV (Winter 1965), 315-347.

Bearss, Edwin C. “From Rolla to Fayetteville with General Curtis.” Arkansas Historical Quarterly XIX (Autumn 1960), 225-259.

Bearss, Edwin C. “General Bussey Takes Over at Fort Smith.” Arkansas Historical Quarterly’, XXIV (Autumn 1965), 220-240.

Bearss, Edwin C. “General Cooper’s CSA Indians Threaten Fort Smith.” Arkansas Historical Quarterb’, XXVI (Autumn 1967), 257-284.

Bearss, Edwin C. “General William Steele Fights to Hold onto Northwest Arkansas.” Arkansas Historical Quarterly, XXV (Spring 1966), 36-93.

Bearss, Edwin C. “Marmaduke Attacks Pine Bluff.” Arkansas Historical Quarterly, XXIII (Winter 1964), 291-313.

Bearss, Edwin C., Steele’s Retreat from Camden and the Battle of Jenkins’ Ferry. Little Rock: Arkansas Civil War Centennial Commission, 1967.

Bearss, Edwin C., “The White River Expedition June l0-July 15, 1862.” Arkansas Historical Quarterly XXI (Winter 1962), 305-362.

Bearss, Edwin C., "The Seizure of the Forts and Public Property in Louisiana"

Bearss, Edwin C.,"The Battle of Baton Rouge", Louisiana History (Vol III, No. 3, Spring 1962)

Bearss, Edwin C., "The Civil War Comes to the Lafourche"

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