Thursday, February 16, 2006

More on "The Texas Overland Expedition of 1863"

Those readers that would prefer a 'Cliff Notes' version of the 1863 Texas Overland Expedition story to David C. Edmonds's lengthy and definitive volume, will not find anything better than Richard Lowe's The Texas Overland Expedition of 1863. Lowe, who you might recall as the the author of Walker's Texas Division, C.S.A: Greyhounds of the Trans-Mississippi, is well qualified to write about this campaign and does a masterful job of condensing its history into a brief yet highly detailed treatment.

This book is definitely one of the better McWhiney Foundation Press overviews that I have read. With this particular volume, Lowe's crisp writing is combined with helpful photos, maps, and drawings to give the reader an excellent introduction to this comparatively obscure campaign.

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