Tuesday, March 7, 2006

David Detzer's Dissonance

I was wondering when the third volume (well, actually the second, as the author did them out of chronological order) of David Detzer's trilogy detailing the first three months of the Civil War was going to be released. Looks like Dissonance : The Turbulent Days Between Fort Sumter and Bull Run will be out in May of this year.

I think I take the minority view of the overall quality and level of importance of Detzer's earlier volumes, Donnybrookand Allegiance, but they are certainly worth reading. Aside from a lack of alliterative consistency with the other two titles, I found Detzer's Allegiance to be a decidedly inferior 'Fort Sumter book' to Maury Klein's excellent Days of Defiance. If nothing else, Detzer has a free swinging style and an entertaining take on the leading personalities of the period.

Nevertheless, I am looking forward to reading Dissonance. At least the ground covered here is a little less trampled.

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