Saturday, July 29, 2006


My local library system usually gets my interlibrary loan requests within 3-4 weeks (for free) and even offers to mail them to my house (also free). Journal articles of any length are also copied and mailed to my house for free. Well, free as in paying nothing above the high property taxes that support the libraries in general. Is this an unusually generous program or is it fairly common? I notice on several message boards that most posters mention having to pay a small fee for ILL books.


  1. Yes, it's $3 per book or article here in Asheville, and you have to go down and pick it up.

    Fred Ray

  2. ILL policies vary from library system to library system. I haven't ever had to pay (Flint, MI & Seattle, WA) but I've always had to pick the materials up from whichever branch I designated in the request. It largely depends on the size and resources of the system.


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