Friday, October 6, 2006

Latest Camp Pope offering

I just received the latest Camp Pope Bookshop catalog (#42) in the mail. One item of note is the publication of Vol. 6 of the press's "Unwritten Chapters of the Civil War West of the River" Series.

(Michael Banasik, ed. Duty, Honor and Country: The Civil War Experiences of Captain William P. Black, Thirty-Seventh Illinois Infantry. Iowa City, IA: Press of the Camp Pope Bookshop, 2006. Illustrated, maps, notes, roster, appendices, bibliography, index, paperback 312pp. $24.95.)


While browsing a used bookstore last weekend, I glanced through a copy of another recent Camp Pope offering (Lyftogt, Kenneth. IOWA’S FORGOTTEN GENERAL: MATTHEW MARK TRUMBULL. Iowa City, IA: Camp Pope Bookshop, 2005. Illustrated, maps, notes, bibliography, index, 128pp. $10.00.) This book didn't arouse much interest in me when it first came out. Now I see it contains quite a bit of information about early war events in Missouri north of the Missouri River. It looks well done.


  1. Drew,

    I was interested to hear about the Capt. Black book (37th Illinois Inf.). For the Union article in the very first issue of "Civil War Regiments" journal, we published excerpts from Michael Mullins' regimental history of the 37th (beautifully done by Broadfoot), and called it "The 37th Illinois Infantry at Pea Ridge and Prairie Grove." All the time I spent reading about that regiment made me kind of partial to the "Fremont Rifles." Looking at it now, I see that Mullins included the William Black papers in his bibliography -- can't recall how much he relied upon them.

    Michael Mullins was the book review editor of "Civil War News" back then. Sadly, he died before his time, suffering a heart attack in his 40s.

    Thanks for keeping us abreast of the Camp Pope books. I'm interested in nearly everything they put out.

  2. Dave,
    A certain author&researcher who reads every T-M memoir he can get and whose judgement I respect mentioned, IIRC, to me that the MacMahon diary (Vol. 2 of this series) is the best he's ever read.

    I should have a review of the Black memoir up in a few weeks.



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