Wednesday, October 25, 2006

More upcoming titles

This is just a list of interesting looking books (to me anyway) released anywhere from now to the beginning of next year. Basically, books I wouldn't kick out from under the Christmas tree.


Lincoln and Chief Justice Taney: Slavery, Secession, and the President's War Powers by James F. Simon (Simon & Schuster)

Long Road to Liberty: The Odyssey of a German Regiment in the Yankee Army : the 15th Missouri Volunteer Infantry by Donald Allendorf (Kent State University Press)

Civil War Petersburg: Confederate City in the Crucible of Warby A. Wilson Greene (University of Virginia Press)

Sherman's Mississippi Campaignby Buck Foster (University of Alabama Press)

Echoes of Thunder: A Guide to the Seven Days Battles by Matt Spruill III and IV (University of Tennessee Press)

Through the Howling Wilderness: The 1864 Red River Campaign and Union Failure in the Westby Gary Joiner (University of Tennessee Press) -- this one arrived last week and I just got started into it.

Wilson's Creek, Pea Ridge, And Prairie Grove: A Battlefield Guide, With a Section on the Wire Roadby Earl J. Hess, William L. Shea, William G. Piston, Richard W. Hatcher (Bison Books)

ARMY OF THE POTOMAC. Vol. 3 McClellan's First Campaign by Russel Beatie (Savas Beatie) -- Can't wait for this one, but not a big fan of the title...I guess I'll always consider McClellan's West Virginia campaign his 'first'!

Guerrilla Warfare in Civil War Missouri, 1863 by Bruce Nichols (McFarland & Co.)

Jo Shelby's Iron Brigade by Deryl P. Sellmeyer (Pelican Publishing Co.) -- Pelican doesn't have a webpage up for this one yet, so I unfortunately don't know anything more about it.


  1. Hello Drew

    Just found your site and have been adding to the list of books I need to look for. Have been avidly collecting first edition Civil War titles for 25 years. Always interested in what is upcoming. As you are, I'm very interested in the Shea book on Prarie Grove. I feel his collaboration with Hess on Pea Ridge might be the best battle study out there. I wanted to ask specifically about some authors and what they might have upcoming.

    Wiley Sword
    Brian Wills
    Peter Cozzens
    Robert Krick
    Gordon Rhea, when will the last volume be done?
    Larry Daniel

    Don H

  2. Hi Don,
    Glad you could find this place and visit. Quite frankly, I haven't heard any buzz about any of those guys. Since Cozzens did that Pope book he's been busy editing collections of Indian Wars eyewitness accounts and at least one new Battles and Leaders volume. Whether he has plans for more original works along the line of his previous western CW battles books, I have no idea. According to Eric on his CW Discussion Group, Rhea's fifth and final volume in the series will be written after a current project (what it is I don't know) is finished.



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