Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Nashville occupation studies

As my request for suggestions of best scholarly studies of the Union occupation of Nashville went unanswered, I dug up some possibilities:

And the two volume set:
  • Reluctant Partners: Nashville and the Union, July 1, 1863-June 30, 1865.(1987).
[These titles remain unread by me, thus I have no opinion of my own to share at the moment, but reviews from back issues of the journal Ohio History might be helpful -- [here for Maslowski (Vol. 88, pp 345-6) and here for Durham, vol. 1 (Vol. 96, pg 82-3)]


  1. Drew,

    As always, thanks for the great reviews, etc. As far as the occupation of Nashville, have you considered looking at Tom Lowry's work on "Sex and the Civil War"? Part of that delved into the occupation of Nashville, and he may have some source material that will help with your own line of inquiry.

    All My Best,

    Jim Schmidt

  2. Jim,
    I'll admit to leafing through it. I seem to recall the alternating efforts of the Union army to either regulate prostitution in terms of licensing, medical exams, etc. or banish them.

    What got me thinking about the occupation was a comment by Ethan Rafuse (I think) about a highly successful conciliation policy in Nashville.



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