Thursday, August 9, 2007

Publishers: Edinborough Press

I welcome private emails from authors and small publishers. Correspondence obviously (and in some cases rudely) seeking only free promotion gets discarded immediately, but I am happy to mention those entities and offerings that are in line with my own interests.

A fellow blogger recently brought Edinborough Press to my attention. Some of its titles are familiar to me, but the publisher itself remained under my radar. Long time readers know I have posted frequently about books dealing with the 1862-65 Dakota War, and Edinborough has republished a couple accounts -- a German-American reminiscience titled Memories of New Ulm: My Experiences during the Indian Uprising in Minnesota by Rudolf Leonhart (ed. and trans. by Don Heinrich Tolzmann) and a compiled history The Indians' Revenge; or Days of Horror: Some Appalling Events in the History of the Sioux by Rev. Alexander Berghold (also ed. by Tolzmann).

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  1. Drew,
    I am very familiar with Dram Tree because they are based in Wilmington, NC. The owner, Jack Fryar, is a great guy. He works closely with all the local historic sites and is very preservation minded. He has served as the narrator for many of the recent battle reenactments at Fort Fisher and Fort Anderson. He's very good at that having been a radio personality in a past life. He focuses on publishing what most would consider "popular" history, but its all very well done and his books are usually reasonably priced. I'm glad you found him!

    Andrew Duppstadt


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