Thursday, July 31, 2008

Booknotes II (July 08)

This month continues to be a slow one for new releases. Barring too many delays, the Fall season promises to be very active, however.

July list of book acquisitions (Part II):

Sherman's March in Myth and Memory by Edward Caudill and Paul Ashdown (Rowman & Littlefield, 2008). These authors have written about the image of other Civil War figures and events in popular culture (including Forrest and Mosby). It might serve as an interesting companion to Noah Andre Trudeau's upcoming Sherman's March study.

Finding Sand Creek: History, Archeology, And the 1864 Massacre Site by Jerome A. Greene and Douglas D. Scott (Univ. of Oklahoma Press, 2006). A great mix of narrative and research methodology. Anything by Jerome Greene is worth a purchase. I've read and reviewed a pair of Univ. Press of Florida published archaeology titles recently [here and here], both of which involved Scott's pioneering battlefield archaeology work in some shape or form.

August Willich's Gallant Dutchmen: Civil War Letters from the 32nd Indiana Infantry ed. and trans. by Joseph Reinhart (Kent State University Press, 2006). I've written before about recent publications highlighting the German contribution to the Union war effort in the western theater (see this earlier post). This book is another worthwhile contribution by Reinhart, and an attractive package put together by KSUP.

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