Sunday, July 13, 2008

UT Press - Fall/Winter 08-09 books

This is a continuation of the previously updated post highlighting the Civil War related offerings of the Fall/Winter catalogs of the various university presses.

UT Press

F/W at UT Press will be another season of Civil War originals and reprints.

The press is reprinting Walter Durham's two-volume history of Union occupied Nashville: Nashville: The Occupied City, 1862–1863 and Reluctant Partners: Nashville and the Union, 1863–1865. Each reprint will have a new preface that discusses the relevant scholarship undertaken since the original editions were published. I quickly skimmed through a library copy of the first volume a while back. I don't recall specifics but it struck me as something worth picking up at a later date.

A Soldier’s Letters to Charming Nellie: The Correspondence of Joseph B. Polley, Hood’s Texas Brigade, edited by Richard McCaslin. This is a new, annotated volume of Polley's previously published, and oft referenced, letters.

First-time publications include:

Yale’s Confederates: A Biographical Dictionary by Nathaniel Cheairs Hughes, and Lee’s Last Casualty: The Life and Letters of Sgt. Robert W. Parker, Second Virginia Cavalry, ed. by Catherine M. Wright.


  1. Nat Hughes' book will become a standard reference work. He did an outstanding job with it.

  2. It's a great year overall for Confederate reference books: Missouri unit guide (U. of Ark Press); and the upcoming Kentucky colonels (U. of KY), Confederate Colonels (U. of MO), and now this!

  3. I've read Reluctant Partners and thought it was a good book. Was disappointed at the time that I could not find a copy of the first volume, luckily it looks like now I can complete the series.


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