Friday, January 30, 2009

Notes and Burlingame's "Abraham Lincoln: A Life"

I am guessing that many prospective buyers of Michael Burlingame's Abraham Lincoln: A Life are unaware that only the direct quotes are cited in the print version. It's not there yet, but at some point the complete documentation will be available online at Knox College's Lincoln Studies Center*. All this is covered by Burlingame in the text, but Johns Hopkins really ought to disclose this on their own web page. Too bad they couldn't have burned the documentation onto a CD for the print buyers a la the 1000+ pages of footnotes from Bugliosi's recent massive Kennedy assassination tome.

On a different note, someone (I can't recall whom at the moment) has asked more than once if I've heard any news about the new edition of the Gideon Welles diary. This answer is still no, but this LSC page has a little info about its progress.

* - I seem to recall Burlingame mentioning in a television interview that the plan is for the entire study to be posted to the web, to be subject to ongoing revision and discussion.

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