Friday, January 2, 2009

Williams: "A Revised List of Texas Confederate Regiments, Battalions, Field Officers, and Local Designations"

[A Revised List of Texas Confederate Regiments, Battalions, Field Officers, and Local Designations by James E. Williams (Author, 2007). Staple-bound wraps, bibliography, index. 51 pp. ISBN: n/a $14]

This valuable pamphlet is a comprehensive listing of field grade officers and units for Texas Confederate, state, and local military organizations. Each entry is comprised of the official unit designation (along with relevant unofficial names, and/or consolidation information) followed by a list of field grade officers.

Organizations listed include:
  • Texas Confederate Infantry and Cavalry Regiments and Battalions.
  • Texas Confederate Artillery Regiments and Battalions.
  • Texas Confederate Legions.
  • Texas Reserve Corps Regiments and Battalions.
  • Texas Local Defense Troops (Battalions).
  • Texas State Troops - Infantry and Cavalry Regiments and Battalions.
Williams notes that the list of local designations or nicknames [e.g. Alamo Rifles = Co. K, 6th Texas Infantry] for Texas units is remarkably incomplete, but he's nevertheless compiled an alphabetized list of almost 500 (pg. 23-33). This section is where readers will find individual batteries, and presumably known independent companies. The inclusion of the state organizations, which are often neglected by the more Confederate unit-focused guidebooks, is particularly helpful.

In creating this compilation, Williams consulted a variety of sources -- books, articles, manuscripts, newspapers, and government documents. In addition to his full bibliography, the author also includes a nice, reader friendly index that sorts by officer name, unit type, and number designations. The only suggestions I would make for the next edition would be a separate listing for artillery batteries, and dates of promotion for the officers. This is a very useful reference work that should be on the bookshelf of every researcher of Civil War Texas.

Note: Ordering information is available here, or at the title link above.

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