Thursday, April 9, 2009

Another 14th Iowa book

With two new publications by The Press of the Camp Pope Bookshop, the 14th Iowa infantry regiment has been getting its share of attention lately. Last month, I reviewed Soldier Life—Many Must Fall. The new release is Micajah Peyton: The Civil War Years (The Camp Pope Bookshop). Quoting the publisher's most recent (4/5/09) newsletter:
"MICAJAH PEYTON: THE CIVIL WAR YEARS, by Ken Ossian, a history of the 14th Iowa as it might have been experienced by Micajah "Dick" Peyton of Co H. Peyton wrote home often, but all but one of his letters were lost. So Ken Ossian, a Davenport, Iowa, businessman and Civil War collector, utilized the diaries of B. F. Thomas and F. F. Kiner (author of ONE YEAR'S SOLDIERING), plus the OFFICIAL RECORDS and other sources to reconstruct Peyton's Civil War. This is a limited edition, 8 ½ x 11", clothbound book (with dj), of 136 pages, and 72 illustrations and maps..."

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