Friday, April 3, 2009

"Camp Fires of Georgia's Troops: 1861-1865"

An updated edition of William S. Smedlund's reference book Camp Fires of Georgia's Troops: 1861-1865 (Author, 1995) closely followed the first. The link above and cover art at right are to the revised expanded edition (with a new ISBN: 0964576406) of the 1994 publication by Kennesaw Mountain Press (ISBN: 0963586122). The book basically documents locations, events, and associated units for various Georgia unit camp sites throughout the eastern and western theaters. Archival map reproductions of varying quality augment the text. Early chapters introduce the reader to camp life and how they were typically organized (by type, size, and duration). The bulk of the book is a numbered listing and annotated description of the sites (756 in all). Three indices [of proper names, by unit in chronological order, and by state and county in alphabetical order] enhance the usefulness of the book as a reference guide.

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