Saturday, October 17, 2009

Chickasaw Bayou

B&G Magazine is following up an excellent Mine Run issue, with one about the 1862 Battle of Chickasaw Bayou (pdf file of Table of Contents) [Volume XXVI Issue #3]. Can't wait to see it. The best writing about this badly managed operation remains Ed Bearss's extensive section from his Vicksburg trilogy, but a few years back there was some talk of a book length history. I wish I could remember the prospective author. Alas, I've heard nothing since. Equally frustrating was my one opportunity of touring the battlefield, foiled by spring flooding.


  1. Chris EvansOctober 17, 2009

    How exactly does one get to the battlefield today? Are there any roads going into it? It would seem to be in the boondocks. A book on the subject sounds really interesting.

  2. During my one visit over 13 yrs ago, I purchased a guide pamphlet from the visitor center and set out, but the rising water made me nervous so I didn't get anywhere. I don't know what's there today in terms of preservation and interpretation. That's what the B&G issue will undoubtedly tell us.

  3. Drew,

    I was just there two weeks ago and could have used the B&G issue. In response to the other posters, the battlefield is pretty easy to get to once you've navigated your way through the streets of Vicksburg to the north side. The battlefield proper is only a few miles north of the national park, and you can see the massive Navy Monument which stands near Fort Hill. Unfortunately, there is only one marker, but if you have some good maps and Bearss's Vicksburg volume, you can figure things out. It's my understanding that none of the battlefield has been preserved. There is some development around the site of the heaviest fighting near the elbow of Chickasaw Bayou where it turns west towards the Yazoo, but you can still get a good idea of the terrain, especially from the Johnson Landing site where Sherman came ashore.

    Chris Van Blargan

  4. Chris EvansOctober 19, 2009

    Thanks for the info. Very interesting.


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