Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Upcoming book on 1863 Arkansas

Well, upcoming as in next summer anyway.

Back in 2007, when I reviewed his excellent essay compilation “The Earth Reeled and Trees Trembled”: Civil War Arkansas, 1863-1864, editor Mark Christ mentioned that he was working on getting a book based on his Little Rock Campaign MA thesis published by University of Oklahoma Press as part of their Campaigns and Commanders series. It looks like it's found its place in the queue, scheduled for an August 2010 release, even though we all know those early dates can change. There is a link up at: Civil War Arkansas 1863: The Battle for a State.


  1. Drew,

    A welcome addition to the Trans-Mississippi literature, and particularly for those of us who cannot afford to shell out $150 for a used copy of Burford's study of Steele's Little Rock campaign.


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  3. Given what they go for, I would hate to see the condition of any used copies. My copy of Burford's book fell apart after a single reading (the cover completely separated from the text block). It's a nice read, though.

  4. Drew,

    Yikes! Less regrets about not buying the text before going to Little Rock a few years back. Although I must admit, even though the battlefield is very well marked, and I had copies of the OR reports for the campaign, other than the fact the battlefield happened at crossings east of the the Little Rock Airport, still have trouble understanding the action at Bayou Fourche.

    Chris Van Blargan


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