Friday, November 13, 2009

Booknotes II (November '09)

New additions this month:

1. Fields of Blood: The Prairie Grove Campaign by William L. Shea (UNC Press, 2009).

Fields of Blood has been one of the most anticipated T-M titles of recent years, and it's finally here. It looks almost certain to fulfill lofty expectations. The only instant shortcoming I see is the lack of topographical detail (at least in comparison to Shea and Hess's Pea Ridge campaign study) with the cartography, which is otherwise fine in its depiction of small unit battlefield movements and positions.

2. Missouri's War: The Civil War in Documents edited by Silvana R. Siddali (Ohio Univ. Press, 2009).

This is the second volume in OUP's Civil War in the Great Interior series. Ohio was the first, and this Missouri entry appears to be a much more substantial collection of documents. There is an Indiana volume just out, as well, with future ones on Kansas, Michigan, and Wisconsin in the works.

3. Arming the Suckers 1861-1865: A Compilation of Illinois Civil War Weapons by Ken Baumann (Morningside, 1989).

The best resource out there for information on the weaponry issued to Illinois units.

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