Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Upcoming author Q & As

Once again, I've been neglecting the Q&A feature of the site, with the last interview posted way back in April. I do have a couple new ones lined up. Next up will be Dr. Daniel E. Sutherland of the University of Arkansas. I reviewed his latest book A Savage Conflict back in August. He always has something interesting to say.

Following that will be a Q&A with Dr. William L. Shea, University of Arkansas at Monticello professor and author of the new Prairie Grove campaign study Fields of Blood. A preview-type interview has already been done elsewhere, so I am looking to put something together after I've finished the book and digested it. I am getting antsy because my copy hasn't arrived yet.

I would also like to do an interview with someone at a university press, but I haven't decided on whom to ask.


  1. I always enjoy your interviews. You may already know this, but Sutherland is currently working on a Whistler biography.

    Kevin at Civil War Memory

  2. I didn't know that. An interesting change of pace.


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