Wednesday, December 2, 2009

2009 Pate Award announced today

The Civil War Round Table of Fort Worth has awarded its 2009 A.M. Pate Jr. Award to The Seventh Star of the Confederacy: Texas During the Civil War and its editor Kenneth W. Howell. The yearly book honor seeks to reward "outstanding original research on the Trans-Mississippi sector of the Civil War". Congratulations to Prof. Howell and the rest of the contributors.

This reminds me I need to start putting together my annual "best of" list. Of course, there is no prestige or monetary gain attached, but it offers me one last opportunity to highlight my favorite books of the year before the posts are finally relegated to the blog archives and search engine land.


  1. Book of the year is -FIRE IN THE CANE FIELD BY DONALD S. FRAZIER. It is scholarly in every way and the printing job and binding is exemplary. Many Civil War books have fonts which render them hard to read or useless for a collection. looking forward to your list. Thanks again for a great blog. James McCorry

  2. James,
    You are the second person that has mentioned to me a frustration with some of the print sizes from recent volumes. I can think of a couple books offhand that could easily cause problems for those with weaker eyesight. Maybe they've always done so (and I just haven't seen them featured so prominently before), but I've noticed UNC Press is coming out with large print editions of the Civil War books from its current catalog, as well as some reprints.


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