Thursday, September 23, 2010

Booknotes IV (September '10)

New Arrivals:

1. Every Day of the Civil War: A Chronological Encyclopedia by Bud Hannings (McFarland, 2010).

At over 600 small print, triple-columned pages, this day-by-day military (army and navy) account of the war is massive. Based primarily on official records, it describes as many battles and skirmishes as possible, as well as general officer activities (e.g. appointments, promotions, sackings, etc.). Political events, however, are not a focus of the work.

2. Civil War Justice in Southeast Missouri by Bob Schmidt (Camp Pope Publishing, 2010).

From Publisher:
"Civil War Justice in Southeast Missouri documents seven cases involving both civilians and soldiers in the Missouri Bootheel: The Murder of Samuel Vance McFarland; Cpl. John F. Abshire, Martyr of the Confederacy; The Arrests of John Benton and Missouri Coffman; The Killing of Addison Cunningham; The Killing of Joseph Jokerst; Found Guilty: Spitting on a Soldier; and Drinking On Duty: The Case of Pvt. James Shields."

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