Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mylar jackets in thick or thin

A short while ago, I invested in a roll of the best quality adjustable fold mylar jacket protectors and began applying them to my favorite and/or most valuable books from my collection. What struck me was just how thick they were (robust polyester sheeting with paper backing). Even before I read this short piece from a Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminar attendee, I had concerns that, in the interest of preventing chips, tears, and overall shelfwear, I was actually malforming my jackets. It is curious that the biggest name in protectors, Brodart, applies paper backing to all of their archival safe covers, save one, their cheapest offering--the Econo-fold.

Now I'm not quite sure how I want to proceed. What do the long time collectors among my readers think? Please share.


  1. She might be right, but I'm not sure it matters. I have never seen a Brodart jacket damage a paper cover, even older ones. Any book so rare or valuable that I would worry about stretching the jacket, I would have in an archive sleeve and boxed anyway, certainly not on the shelf.

  2. I have hundreds of books wrapped in the mylar protector and have never had an issue.



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