Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Booknotes VI (February '11)

New Arrival:

Union Casualties at Gettysburg: A Comprehensive Record by Travis W. Busey and John W. Busey (McFarland, 2011).

Many readers with recognize John W. Busey as the co-author (with David Martin) of the various editions [4?] of Regimental Strengths and Losses at Gettysburg. The new casualty register is published in three 7 x 10 paperback volumes totaling 1,616 pages and costs $125. According to the publisher: "This work is organized by company and regiment and includes information for each soldier: rank, enlistment date, personal information, service record both before and after the battle, circumstances of casualty and burial locations on the field and in the Soldiers' National and Evergreen cemeteries. Casualty tables are provided for each company, as are brief accounts of Federal hospitals and Confederate prisons which treated or incarcerated some of the casualties. Thirteen appendices include casualty information by brigade, division, corps, state, and burial location; a civilian casualty list; and information regarding the transportation and treatment of the wounded, among other subjects."

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