Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Booknotes VI (October '12)

New Arrivals:

1. Year of Glory: The Life and Battles of Jeb Stuart and His Cavalry, June 1862-June 1863 by Monte Akers (Casemate, 2012).

A history of Stuart's command from the Peninsula through Brandy Station.

2. Lincoln and McClellan at War by Chester G. Hearn (LSU Pr, 2012).

The description leads one to expect yet another McClellan bad/Lincoln good rehash, but I'll at least start it and see how it goes.

3. Confederate Currency by Pierre Fricke (Shire, 2012).

The author is a dealer, collector, and expert on Confederate money. This small, heavily illustrated volume is a historical work rather than a collecting guide, outlining the seven currency series issued by the CSA.

4. Maryland's Civil War Photographs: The Sesquicentennial Collection by Ross J. Kelbaugh (Maryland Hist Society, 2012).

An oversize paperback assemblage of Maryland-related Civil War photos gleaned from individual and institutional collections, it is "a collection of the most significant outdoor views, interiors ... , and studio portraits combined to place them in the historical context of their creation".

Happy Halloween!

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