Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Future "CW Campaigns in the Heartland" titles

I found a list of planned titles for SIUP's Civil War Campaigns in the Heartland series at the back of the Chattanooga Campaign book. Having completed only 3 to this point, looking forward all the way through 18 volumes is pretty ambitious!
4. Vicksburg: Mississippi Blitzkrieg, May 1863
5. The Tennessee Campaign of 1864: Spring Hill, Franklin, and Nashville
6. The Vicksburg Assaults
7. Forts Henry and Donelson
8. Vicksburg Besieged
9. The Kentucky Campaign of 1862
10. Vicksburg: To Chickasaw Bayou
11. The Atlanta Campaign from Rocky Face Ridge to Oostenaula: The Battle of Resaca
12. Vicksburg: Grant's Winter Endeavors
13. The Atlanta Campaign from the Oostenaula to the Etowa: Dallas, New Hope Church, 14. and Pickett's Mill
15. The Atlanta Campaign from the Etowa to the Chattahoochee: The Battle of Kennesaw Mountain
16. Iuka and Corinth
17. Peachtree Creek
18. The Battle of Atlanta, July 22, 1864


  1. Good Grief! What ambition as you say. I mean, Gallagher didn't even get through all of the Eastern Theater campaigns in his essay books (ex. Second Bull Run and Petersburg).

    I hope the volume that includes Pickett's Mill has a essay on Ambrose Bierce and his account of the battle.


    1. Hello Drew

      Thanks for the information. A little surprised there is no Stones River. Would also like to see something on Mobile Bay.

      Don Hallstrom

    2. I like the idea of something on Mobile. Stones River is a odd omission.


  2. 5 volumes on one campaign (Vicksburg) is pretty remarkable.

    I agree. A volume on Mobile operations, both land and sea, would make a great addition. The two that interest me the most are the Kentucky and Iuka-Corinth campaigns.

  3. Don highlights something I noticed when they first issued this list - no Stones River. Odd, to say the least, since all we really have out there is McDonough and Cozzens, as well as Daniels' imminent Shiloh-style book, which wouldn't seem to eliminate the kind of narrow focus these essays take. The strange thing about the Gallagher series is that I don't believe that they ever intended to include either fight at Bull Run.

  4. Nearly a decade later, they've gotten through four more; number 4, 5, 6, and 8 on this list. They've skipped Forts Henry and Donelson, at least for the moment. At this rate, they'll finish these eighteen volumes in about 2065, so just in time for the bicentennial of the Civil War.
    Isaac Dickman

    1. With it being two years since the last installment, we're about due for another one!


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