Wednesday, December 12, 2012

More 2012 Civil War book prizes

Dan and Marilyn Laney Prize: Gary Gallagher for The Union War (also the winner of The Tom Watson Brown Book Prize, as mentioned earlier).

Richard Harwell Book Award: A Glorious Army: Robert E. Lee’s Triumph 1862-1863 by Jeffrey Wert.

Wiley-Silver Book Prize: The Won Cause: Black and White Comradeship in the Grand Army of the Republic by Barbara Gannon.

Peter Seaborg Award for Civil War Scholarship: Robert E. McGlone's John Brown's War Against Slavery.

Summerfield G. Roberts Book Award: Tejanos in Gray: Civil War Letters of Captains Joseph Rafael de la Garza and Manuel Yturri by Jerry D. Thompson.

Gilder Lehrman Lincoln Prize: William C. Harris's Lincoln and the Border States: Preserving the Union and Elizabeth D. Leonard for Lincoln’s Forgotten Ally: Judge Advocate General Joseph Holt of Kentucky.

Avery O. Craven Award: Nicole Etcheson's A Generation at War: The Civil War Era in a Northern Community.

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