Saturday, December 22, 2012

More 2013 catalogs

More from the new UP seasonal catalogs:

* Constitutionalism in the Aftermath of the Civil War

Not this time


* Knights of the Golden Circle: Secret Empire, Southern Secession, Civil War
* Lee's Army during the Overland Campaign: A Numerical Study
* Milliken's Bend: A Civil War Battle in History and Memory
* The Politics of Faith during the Civil War
* Still Fighting the Civil War: The American South and Southern History, updated edition

North Texas:
* Civil War General and Indian Fighter James M. Williams: Leader of the First Kansas Colored Volunteer Infantry and the 8th U.S. Cavalry

South Carolina:
* A Confederate Englishman: The Civil War Letters of Henry Wemyss Feilden

Southern Illinois:
* The Vicksburg Campaign, March 29-May 18, 1863
* Union Heartland: The Midwestern Home Front during the Civil War
* Lincoln and Reconstruction
* Grant at Vicksburg: The General and the Siege

Texas A&M:

There are outliers, but it looks like my prediction that it would be business as usual for publishers during the Sesquicentennial has largely held true.  Unfortunate, but not surprising.


  1. The Milliken's Bend title looks interesting, though the "history and memory" meme is getting a bit played out. And as I've mentioned before, I can't remember a book I've been as excited to see as Lee's Army during the Overland Campaign: A Numerical Study. That's either going to be a review copy (I've requested one) or it'll be purchased as soon as I know I've been denied.

    1. Hi Brett,
      I am definitely on board for reviewing the Overland Campaign, KGC, and Milliken's Bend studies. Hopefully, LSU will make it easy.

  2. Hi Drew

    Looking forward to a few of the forthcoming university press titles. Particularly Earl Hess's Kennessaw Mountain, Confederate Generals essay title from Univ. Tenn. and I think there will be a new essay book from SIU press. However, with the sequicentennial, I thought there would be more being published. It is good to see Savas Beatie continuing to publish good Civil War history.

    Don Hallstrom

  3. And what has become on my part almost an annual inquiry to whoever might know - Any 2013 word from Gordon Rhea about the final book in his Overland series?

    Phil LeDuc

  4. Hello Drew

    Like Phil I'm anxiously awaiting the 5th volume of Gordon Rhea's Overland Campaign. Its hard to believe it has been a decade since volume 4 was published. Perhaps LSU is waiting till 2014 and the 150th anniversary? I hope the publication isn't just a rumor.

    Don Hallstrom


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