Saturday, March 16, 2013

1862 Kanawha campaign study

Not having the size or significance of Lee's Maryland Campaign, Bragg's Kentucky adventure, or Van Dorn's attempt to recapture Corinth, what occurred in the Kanawha Valley sector of the great tide of 1862 summer/fall Confederate offensives is easily the least covered. I don't know when to expect it or which house will publish it [a good guess would be West Virginia Book Co], but a library talk notice online for celebrated West Virginia Civil War author Terry Lowry notes that he has an upcoming book on the subject, titled The Battle of Charleston and the 1862 Kanawha Valley Campaign. I love all of Lowry's books and can't think of a better person to tackle this project.

[add. 3/19: the book will be published by 35th Star Publishing]


  1. John FoskettMarch 17, 2013

    This would seem to fit very nicely with what History Press does, assuming it meets the c. 160 p. format.

    1. John,
      Looks like it will be 35th Star Publishing.


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