Monday, March 25, 2013

Big Red acquires Potomac Books

University of Nebraska Press announced their acquisition of Virginia-based Potomac Books today. Potomac doesn't do a lot of Civil War publishing, but it is at least a small part of their overall military history catalog so still having it around is a good thing for us.  It's fairly common for university presses to handle distribution and marketing for local and regional publishers, but outright purchasing of a small to mid-sized private outfit located as far from home base as possible is a new one for me.  The pressures on some UPs (most notably Missouri's) and new debates over the role of academic presses in a rapidly changing publishing landscape have been in the news lately, and maybe this fits into some kind of long term survival strategy for Nebraska.

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  1. I heard (on the QT) this was coming a couple months ago. This is a new one for me, too--a University press obtaining an independent like Potomac Books. The price was not cheap, I assure you.


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