Wednesday, June 26, 2013

More Georgia 1864 battle studies

Given the quality of Brad Butkovich's current book, the recently reviewed The Battle of Pickett's Mill: Along the Dead Line, reading that he's at work on an Allatoona Pass study is welcome news. With Scaife's older volume covering the October 1864 battle notable for its exceptional cartography rather than its text, there's certainly room for something more thorough.

On the pre-capture of Atlanta front, early next year we'll see The Battle of Peach Tree Creek: Hood's First Sortie, July 20, 1864 by Robert Jenkins (Mercer UP, Jan '14).  This will be the battle's first book length treatment.


  1. Also Earl Hess is supposedly at work on an Ezra Church monography.

  2. Hi Drew

    Thanks for the update. I've heard Gary Ecelbarger is also working on another battle study from the Georgia Campaign.

    Don H.

  3. It is about time the Atlanta operations, from pre-Dalton south, got their due. If anyone is working on something serious and is looking for a publisher, Savas Beatie is always interested in taking a look.

    (And since many have asked over the last couple years . . . Yes, "The Maps of the Atlanta Campaign" will eventually be done. We have it in the works.

    Thanks for all you continue to do, Drew.


  4. Sounds Good.

    The more on the Atlanta Campaign, the better. Reading the Savas book from '94 has fired up my interest in the campaign even more, again.

    I think it definitely is one of the most fascinating campaigns in American Military history.



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