Friday, August 16, 2013

Booknotes II (Aug '13)

New Arrivals:

1. The Civil War on Hatteras: The Chicamacomico Affair and the Capture of the U.S. Gunboat Fanny by Lee Thomas Oxford (The History Pr, 2013).

My first impression of this one is that it's a well researched and quite detailed history of the incident. It should spark the interest of those studying the very early stages of the war in general and along the North Carolina coastline in particular.

2. Service With the Missouri State Guard: The Memoir of Brigadier General James Harding by James E. McGhee (Oak Hills Pub, 2000).

Harding was the chief quartermaster (I think) of the MSG and his memoir, annotated by Guard expert Jim McGhee, is a valuable commentary. I'm glad to finally get my hands on a copy.  There aren't many out there.

3. Connecticut Yankees at Antietam by John Banks (The History Pr, 2013).

A collection of biographical shorts for Connecticut soldiers that fought at Antietam by journalist and blogger John Banks.

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