Friday, November 8, 2013

Epic Chickamauga trilogy

Having neither the spare room available nor a clinically diagnosable hoarding instinct, I'm not one to keep every single Civil War book that I acquire in one manner or another. Taking into account both personal interest and shelving limits, for many subjects I am content to have the best available treatment and good riddance to everything else. If something better comes along, it's out with the old and in with the new. In the military campaign sphere, Chickamauga for me is pretty much 'keep the best, chuck the rest'. With the latest Savas Beatie newsletter announcing the first volume of David Powell's trilogy -- The Chickamauga Campaign—A Mad Irregular Battle: From the Crossing of the Tennessee River Through the First Day, August 22-September 19, 1863 -- it looks like some shelf cleaning is in the future [the Chickamauga atlas, of course being immune]. In my opinion, if the tale of Chickamauga is to be told in epic fashion the person for the job is either William Glenn Robertson or David Powell, and the fact that the latter is actually doing it is a source of great satisfaction.


  1. Hello Drew
    I saw the update from Savas Beatie and was very glad to hear of it's publication. I agree with you that epic certainly describes the publication. Really looking forward to the third volume containing the additional information. It will be interesting to see when it is released.

    Chickamauga certainly seems to be a natural for a multi-volume set. The campaign hasn't gotten its due in my opinion.

    Others that I'm partial to that fall into this category are Gorrdon Rhea's Overland Campaign and Hartwig's Maryland Campaign study. Hopefully, both of these sets will completed soon.

    Always look forward to my monthly email update from Savas Beatie as it is a great source of what is upcoming.


  2. I have heard that Robertson is also producing a volume(or two) on the subject. I have heard that it will be an operational history of the event.

  3. Should be fantastic.

    I keep my books but am always running out of space.


  4. Hello Drew

    I've also heard that Mr. Robertson was working on a multi-volume study. I thought I'd heard that UNC was going to publish it? I may have been mistaken.



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