Monday, May 19, 2014

Another Jackson Purchase study

When it comes to Kentucky's southern sympathizers, the Bluegrass region seems to get the lion's share of attention, but the Jackson Purchase of western Kentucky was one of the state's most pro-Confederate areas. As sometimes happens, previously neglected subjects suddenly find multiple treatments published only months apart. Though Craig Berry's Kentucky Confederates: Secession, Civil War, and the Jackson Purchase (University Press of Kentucky,  Fall 2014) promotes itself as the "first dedicated study of this key region", it was actually preempted earlier this year by Dan Lee's The Civil War in the Jackson Purchase, 1861-1862: The Pro-Confederate Struggle and Defeat in Southwest Kentucky. Lee's book was a decent popular history but Berry's more scholarly approach is probably more likely to stand the test of time in terms of being regarded as the standard work on the subject.

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