Monday, September 8, 2014


My feeling that 2014 has been a below average one in terms of new book arrivals at CWBA home base appears to have some substance. I don't record total number of books received each year but a quick Booknotes hand count for identical periods (JAN - AUG) for 2013 and 2014 reveals a 33% decrease. A big drop for sure but what it really means I have no idea. The 2014 drought periods have been longer and more numerous than years past, but since I am only counting books that arrive in my own mailbox it would be wrong to use this isolated example to draw any conclusions about Civil War publishing in general. I do have a fairly large wishlist of fall titles so things may be looking up. Of course, those authors and publishers who do continue to regularly send new releases my way are much appreciated.


  1. I've had the same (purely unscientific and anecdotal) impression. But there does seem a spate of books due out the next 4 or so months - although that might be misleading because a few houses (SB comes to mind) have quite a few ion the way,, and important entries at that.

    1. That fall does appear to be the best part of 2014. I just hope many of them don't get pushed to next year. As we're all aware, that happens all the time.

  2. Yep. It sounds like Dave Powell's first volume on Chickamauga may have been moved back a couple of months already. SB has a bunch listed for the next 4 months and I'd be shocked if they all made that window.

  3. Savas has some amazing titles coming out. Smith's Shiloh book from Kansas ought to be fantastic.


  4. Hello Drew and followers

    I always look forward to the spring and fall releases. I usually find that the university presses meet their estimated date of release. However, there are not very many interesting books other than the OU press Bull Run title. I was also hoping that SIUP might be publishing another title in the Heartland series. Still haven't seen their fall catalog.

    I'm most looking forward to the SB titles. However, I do agree with earlier posting, it appears that we may be waiting longer than originally planned. Besides the Chickamauga, there were others announced that sounded interesting. I believe the 5th Tex. Infantry was planned for October?
    Regardless, I believe the SB titles will be worth the wait.

    Don H.

  5. Hi Guys, sorry I am late to this party. Here is our schedule, in no particular order, and it is solid:

    1. Wittenburg's Buford sold out (by a long shot) as it is being bound; 1st ed. first printing ships on or about 9-25. Second printing has been ordered.

    2. Bearss reprints of both Petersburg vols (both are sold out): ship 9/25;

    3. Powell's Chickamauga, vol. 1: Goes to printer end of week (ships 5 weeks later);

    4. Sommers' Richmond Redeemed: Ships this Thursday, 9/18; We debut our completely new enhanced e-version with Smartlayers interective tech, this week. See a demonstration here:

    5. Trudeau's The Last Citadel: Goes to printer this afternoon (ships 5 weeks later);

    6. Hood, Hood Papers: Was delayed for additional material (in final design stages now, and should to at printer in 30 days, and ship 5 weeks thereafter);

    7. Horn, Battles for Weldon Railroad in final design stages, should go to printer in ab out 30 days (and ship 5 weeks later);

    8. Ryan, Gettysurg Intelligence, final developmental editing stages, then design. No date for printer.

    9. Ditto with Robertson's Petersburg

    10. Priest's Stand to it and Give them Hell is nearly sold out already after just a few weeks and will be reprinted.

    11. Schmutz's Fifth Texas and Paula and Girardi's Warren both with developmental editor. No date yet, but we are moving along rapidly.

    12. Gottfried and Savas, "The Gettysburg Encyclopedia" 99% done, and working on some final edits. No date yet, but moving quickly now, finally.

    13. Tucker's Alamo Irish nearly finished developmental editing, and anxious to get this one out.

    Let me know if you have any further questions. As always, we here at SB deeply appreciate all your support and reviews of our work.


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