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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The rebirth of "Civil War Regiments"

Roughly equal in cultural importance to the return of the X-Files will be the 2016 return of Civil War Regiments. Yesterday, Emerging Civil War announced that they and publisher Savas Beatie will be partnering up to revive the well regarded but long defunct unit essay journal. It appears that the new issue format will be similar to the later evolution of the series as a themed compilation. No mention of any kind of volume subscription plans this time around, which is fine for those of us who will want to pick and choose our subjects. Good news this is.


  1. Many thanks Drew. We are looking forward to making this available again for Civil War readers. It is much broader than just "regiment" and we think readers will enjoy it. At least, we hope so.

    --Ted Savas

  2. Civil War Regiments was one of my favorite journals, and I'm pleased to read that it's coming back! Count me as a reader who will definitely enjoy it.


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