Friday, July 3, 2015

Various book things

A few updates.

If you didn't get your 1864 Price Raid fill in recent months on the two excellent Pilot Knob studies by Suderow & House and Gifford or the campaign overview by Forsyth, Kyle Sinisi's long awaited full length operational history The Last Hurrah: Sterling Price's Missouri Expedition of 1864 is still on track for release in July. Unfortunately, Mark Lause's concluding second volume to his own treatment The Collapse of Price's Raid: The Beginning of the End in Civil War Missouri is delayed yet again to maybe August.

Another long delayed project, but a very promising one, is Terry Lowry's The Battle of Charleston and the 1862 Kanawha Valley Campaign. It's still churning along toward completion, perhaps by September. It will be the first book to cover this virtually unknown chapter of the great Confederate summer offensives of 1862.

A new title that received a bit of an early release is Ian Hope's A Scientific Way of War: Antebellum Military Science, West Point, and the Origins of American Military Thought, which sounds like an interesting study of the military intellectual development of Civil War armies.

Enjoy your 4th of July holiday.

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