Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Battle of Glendale

After decades of neglect, items on the checklist of Atlanta and Petersburg campaign battles without modern book length studies are being ticked off with regularity. The same cannot be said for the equally important 1862 Peninsula Campaign and its massive Seven Days denouement. A relatively recent attempt at a Glendale history fell far short of expectations, but another one is set for release early next year. The Battle of Glendale: Robert E. Lee's Lost Opportunity by Douglas Crenshaw (The History Press, Jan '17) will be part of a Civil War series that admittedly runs the gamut in terms of quality. I am not familiar with the author's work, but a positive review from Brett over at TOCWOC for Crenshaw's Fort Harrison study (from the same series) definitely puts the upcoming book on my to-read list.

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