Friday, August 12, 2016

Volume 3 of Powell's Chickamauga trilogy coming soon

David Powell announced on his blog today [go here] that The Chickamauga Campaign, Barren Victory: The Retreat into Chattanooga, the Confederate Pursuit, and the Aftermath of the Battle, September 21 to October 20, 1863 is now at the printer, and that he should have his author copies in mere weeks. What this means for the general release date (The River still has it listed for late November) I don't know, but one has to think we'll see it earlier than that. Congratulations to David upon completing a project of such epic scale that it must have seemed overwhelming at times.

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  1. Thanks Drew.

    This is at the printer and will ship a few days before the anniversary, so about four weeks from now.

    It has five long chapters on the aftermath, pursuit, etc. and a magnificent set of appendices (I think seven) including long and detailed OOBs with strengths and losses, each with its own intriguing essay, and then other essays on other topics, including a fascinating one on Rosecrans and his relationship (war and postwar) with Dana and Garfield. The bibliography alone (complete for all three vols) runs I believe something like 85 pages. The entire book is about 400 pages.

    It is, of course, being printed in hardcover. Many of you are waiting to get all three at once. Well, I can tell you that Volume One (A Mad Irregular Battle) has been reprinted and reprinted and is down to a few hundred copies. It won't be reprinted in hardcover again.

    Thanks for all your support of what I consider Dave Powell's magnum opus, and a publishing project of which we at SB are very, very proud.

    Keep up the good work, Drew. You work hard, my friend.


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