Monday, October 17, 2016

Armies in Gray

Exhaustively detailed organizational studies of modern armies (like those that fought each other in WW2, for example) are commonly found, but the same cannot be said for the Union and Confederate armies. Thus, it came as a bit of a pleasant surprise to find that LSU Press will be publishing a 1,300 page tome next year titled Armies in Gray: The Organizational History of the Confederate States Army in the Civil War (May 2017). The result of ten years of primary research by military historian Dan Fullerton, Armies in Gray "details the development and organization of the southern armies, their evolution over the course of the conflict, their command structure, and their geographic assignment and placement."

More from the description:
"Divided into three-month quarters over the duration of the war, this reference guide details the origins of all Confederate brigades, divisions, corps, districts, and departments. It also reports on ordered changes to these units, providing details on the evolution of Confederate forces and on how commanders deployed them through the entirety of the war. By looking at the organization of the Confederate armies in each quarter, readers can gain a clearer picture of the forces available to southern military leaders as they developed their plans at every stage of the Civil War."
I am looking forward to seeing some sample pages when they become available. Unfortunately, the institutional library pricing point will more than likely drive away many individual buyers who would otherwise love to acquire a copy for home use.

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