Friday, October 28, 2016

Booknotes: Women in Civil War Texas

New Arrival:
Women in Civil War Texas: Diversity and Dissidence in the Trans-Mississippi
edited by Deborah S. Liles and Angela Boswell (Univ of N Texas Pr, 2016).

The eleven chapters in this new essay anthology examine the entire range of home front Civil War experiences of Texas women, be they Union or Confederate in political allegiance or Anglo, German, Hispanic, or African American in race or ethnicity. Other book themes explore how women coped with the absences of loved ones, how they survived along the state's dangerous western frontier, the critical importance of letter writing in maintaining relationships, the social impact of the massive influx of war refugees, the lives of enslaved women, and the general struggle to maintain some sense of normalcy in the midst of war. Like historian Anne Bailey says in her jacket blurb, these scholarly essays should serve as "an excellent survey of the lives of the women in the Lone Star State."

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