Saturday, January 21, 2017

Battle of Richmond KY new edition

Except for his 1862 Murfreesboro Raid study, all of Kenneth Hafendorfer's western theater battle histories reside in my collection. Unfortunately, if you didn't catch them early enough, obtaining any of these now out-of-print titles (except for the multi-edition Perryville book) can be quite expensive. The author's Richmond study is still one of my favorites, and it appears that it's been reprinted recently (a rare event with this author). Follow the link provided in this post and in the new copies page for 3P sellers you can find The Battle of Richmond Association's marketplace store. They also state that the proceeds from purchasing Battle of Richmond, Kentucky August 30, 1862 through them goes to preserving and interpreting the Richmond battlefield site. Also, you can safely ignore the silly online "review" there.


  1. Is there anything new/revised/added to this reprint?

  2. Good question. I have no idea.


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