Monday, October 9, 2017

Booknotes: Georgia's Civil War

New Arrival:
Georgia's Civil War: Conflict on the Home Front by David Williams (Mercer UP, 2017).

This is the third entry in Mercer's home front series State Narratives of Civil War. I didn't get to the Mississippi book, but I did read and review the Florida volume from Tracy Revels and liked it well enough.

It appears that a major theme of the book will be the connections between home front issues and heavy desertion in the ranks, and how this manpower disaster hastened overall Confederate defeat. Other questions addressed include:

 "Why were Southerners divided on secession? How were the foundations for those divisions laid in the Antebellum South? Why did Confederate leaders impose a draft? Why did so many Southerners call the conflict a rich man's war? What impact did resistance by enslaved people have on the war effort? What was the impact of women's attitudes and actions? Why was the Confederacy unable to feed itself adequately? And, finally, what impact did all this have on the war's course and outcome?"

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